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Celebrating Maternal Mental Health Month


May marks Maternal Mental Health Month, a month dedicated to raising awareness about the mental health challenges faced by mothers around the world. It’s a time to shed light on the importance of mental health, especially for expectant and new mothers.

The Significance of Mental Health Awareness

Mental health is as crucial as physical health, yet it often doesn’t receive the same level of attention. This is particularly true for maternal mental health. Pregnancy and the postpartum period can be a time of joy, but also a time of increased vulnerability to mental health problems.

The World Health Organization estimates that about 10% of pregnant women and 13% of women who have just given birth experience a mental disorder, primarily depression. In developing countries, this is even higher, at 15.6% during pregnancy and 19.8% after childbirth.

Therefore, raising awareness about maternal mental health is vital. It helps to destigmatize mental health issues, encourages mothers to seek help, and pushes for better healthcare policies and services.

Tips for Maintaining Mental Well-being During

Preconception and Early Pregnancy

Maintaining mental well-being during preconception and early pregnancy is crucial. Here are some tips:

  1. Self-Care: Prioritize self-care. This includes eating a balanced diet, getting regular exercise, ensuring adequate sleep, and taking time for relaxation and leisure activities.

  2. Support Network: Build a strong support network. This could include your partner, family, friends, or a support group.

  3. Open Communication: Don’t hesitate to express your feelings and concerns. Open communication with your healthcare provider and loved ones is key.

  4. Professional Help: If you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed, seek professional help. Therapists, counselors, and psychiatrists can provide valuable support and treatment.

  5. Mindfulness and Meditation: Practices like mindfulness and meditation can help manage stress and promote mental well-being.


Maternal Mental Health Month serves as a reminder of the importance of mental health in the journey of motherhood. As we celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month, let’s strive to create a world where every mother has access to the mental health support she needs.

Remember, it’s okay to ask for help. You’re not alone. Your mental health matters. For all the expectant and new mothers out there, this month, we celebrate you.

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