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Self-Love…The Building Block

Learning to love yourself is one of the key components to being able to love someone else. Self- love is one of the many building blocks that adds to the foundation of any relationship/marriage. That is why I felt it imperative to address the concept of self-love first and foremost. Without self-love it will be very difficult to acknowledge and address other components of a relationship.

I read somewhere that “the relationship with yourself, sets the tone for every other relationship you have”. Treating yourself with love and respect will set the requirement that your significant other also treats you with love and respect. Unless you are happy within yourself, you will be unhappy and dissatisfied within any relationship you form.

Your relationship with your partner should be a partnership. An individual within a relationship that lacks self-love can create a reliance and codependency that can be unhealthy for a relationship. The phrase “two halves becoming whole” is technically a deception. A relationship should consist of two “whole individuals” coming together to love, empower, support and elevate the other person. Someone should not have to complete you, they should complement you. They should not have to validate you, but they should value you. A relationship should not take away your individuality, you should still nurture and grow yourself within the relationship.

Within any relationship, the relationship standard you set for yourself will ultimately decide the relationship you attract. Having the ability to love yourself, will ultimately enhance the relationship with your significant other.

“Self-love is not selfish; you cannot truly love another until you know how to love yourself” -Unknown 

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