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Inspired Counseling Center

Inspiring and empowering individuals to live fulfilling lives

Inspired Counseling Center (ICC), LLC is a mental health counseling agency servicing the State of Florida, specializing in providing psychosocial services to specifically for woman, minorities, children and adolescents.

We also offer counseling for relationships of all nature (premarital counseling, marriage and family counseling), counseling for depression, anxiety, grief, crisis intervention, life transitions, and aiding with community resourcing.

Our goal is to inspire each individual through a strength based perspective, while empowering successful living.

Our Services

Our Services
Women's Mental Health Counseling 

Mental health disorders impacts men and women differently. There are certain disorders which are specific to women. Treatment must reflect these gender differences. The counseling modality must be individualized based on the lived experiences of the woman. Having support during periods of loss or change is imperative to protecting the mental health of women.

Relationship Counseling

We offer counseling services to help couples navigate the art of marriage. Marriage can be a source of joy, love and mutual support. However, there is an art to a successful marriage. Our goal is to inspire thriving marriages through effective counseling.

Premarital Counseling

Marriage is a forever commitment and each couple deserves to have all the tools necessary for a successful and rewarding marriage. Premarital counseling is key to ensuring you and your partner are full equipped with the tools and resources needed for a successful marriage.

Pediatric Chronic Medical Diagnosis Counseling

Has your child been diagnosed with a new condition or disease process? Are you or your child feeling overwhelmed with this diagnosis? 

We are here to help you navigate this new avenue of life and provide you and your child with the tools needed to not only cope but live a fulfilling life.   

Therapy and counseling

We tailor each session and counseling to meet the specific needs of the client.

Psychiatric Diagnostic Assessments

Each patient is treated individually. A biopsychosocial framework is used in completing an assessment tailored to the individual needs of each individual. A treatment plan is created to ensure one has all the tools needed to successfully navigate life.

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