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Quarantine-Proof Your Marriage

The coronavirus precaution includes quarantining yourself within your home with the people you live with….everyday. This can put a significant strain on a relationship. For most individuals the norm includes spending 40 hours a week at work, reducing the amount of time spent with your significant other. Therefore, how does one protect the core structure of the relationship without having any personal space.

This creates a “pressure cooker” environment. With the added stress and anxiety of the unknown with this virus, issues that have remained dormant within a relationship now begin to unfold. How does one maintain a healthy relationship amid this pandemic.

Here are three things to be mindful as we try to survive this:

  1. Stick to a routine at home. Do not wake up on a Tuesday morning and decide the house needs to be cleaned and expect your significant other to cooperate when you usually clean the house on the weekend. Ensure you are communicating your plans ahead of time of what your schedule is so you both can plan your days accordingly.

  2. Try to still carve out time for yourself. This can include you going for a walk or working out or just simply reading a book for 30 minutes to 1 hour. If you have children your significant other is responsible for the children during that time period and vice versa. I also want to include not obsessing over the details and updates of COVID-19. Time for yourself should not include anything related to COVID-19 but still adhere to the guidelines.

  3. Along with ensuring you have time for yourself, ensure you are intentional about the time spent with each other. Eat your meals together. If a situation arises, this is a good time to sit and discuss it. With the increase in time spent together, it is easier to become annoyed with little things that build. If you are unable to discuss these situations in a civilized manner it could potentially be beneficial to seek a mediator through tele-counseling.

The heightened anxiety due to the unknown of the virus and the disruption in routine can cause individuals to react very differently than normal. Be understanding and try to view actions from a positive point of view…and remember this too shall pass.

“…for better or worse, in sickness and in health…”

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